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Currently, the Research and Innovation wing of BioTEI Inc., in collaboration with academia and researcher institutions in Canada and international partners launch a program to sustainably harness Moringa to develop high value nutrient rich and natural food and nutraceutical products .

  • Design, test, formulate, develop, pack and market different fortified Canadian foods with nutritious Moringa steno leaf powder.

  • Isolate, purify and package moringa leaf and seed protein and other bioactive compounds from the same plant.

  • Research and development of different Moringa steno products using Moringa seed oil.

  • Design, formulate and develop water purifying and other clean tech products from Moringa steno seed waste.


Moringa PJ4430- Moringa stenopetala (Moringa leaf  powder from BioTEI Inc.)


Moringa organic- Moringa Oleifera (commercially available Moringa leaf powder)

The experiment was conducted at

AAFC- Innovative Therapy Research Laboratory

in Canada 

Ultra-performance liquid chromatography analysis revealed:


  • Rutin was present in  Moringa steno leaf powder only.

  • 61.6 mg/g rutin was present in the  the dry leaf powder of Moringa Steno 

Moringa steno 

Moringa is among world’s most useful multi-purpose plants and is often nick-named as a ‘the miracle tree’. Almost all parts of this plant (its leaves, seeds, pods, flowers, and roots) are valuable.


The leaves, flowers, and green pods of this plant are rich in both macro and micro-nutrients are eaten as a staple vegetable in Eastern Africa. M. stenopetala (we refer it here as Moringa steno) is exceptionally rich in nutrients (protein, lipid, fiber, carbohydrates, minerals, and vitamins) and bioactive compounds.


It is highly useful for Food, Pharmaceutical and Cosmeticeutical Industries. Moringa is rich in essential nutrients and contains unique health benefit bioactive compounds.

Rutin is a powerful bioflavonoid is a powerful bioflavonoid with huge health & therapeutic benefits and uniquely abundant in the African Moringa 


Moringa Tea Sample.png