Feedback From Customer – L Todd

“I recently spoke with Dr. Kassa regarding my experience with the Moringa Facial Moisturizing Cream I purchased at the Health and Wellness Expo on Sunday, February 16, 2020. But I wanted to expand further regarding my thoughts on this product. I have recurring eczema on my hands due to some on and off again digestive challenges. And the very bitter cold winds of Winnipeg does a great deal of damage to both our face and hands in the five coldest months of the year. As a woman, I have used store-bought products over the years to try and alleviate these conditions. However, a number of years ago, I decided to take out as many chemical products from my beauty routine as I could. So, I stopped applying lotions to my face and simply started using coconut oil. It just felt better than the previous sticky, drying chemical lotions of my past. However, coconut oil is greasy and that doesn’t really work when you are also applying makeup on top that you need to last all day. Recently, my hands broke out with eczema. And with the very extremely cold temperatures, my hands were so damaged. All extremely cracked and raw. I couldn’t bend my knuckles all the way without cracking and bleeding. I was using the usual coconut oil, body butter, hemp lotion and even Polysporin with Band-Aids over the knuckles and finger joints. I was drawn to your booth at Health and Wellness show where I didn’t know, I was about to finally find relief! I purchased the Moringa cream and tried it on my hands. It was instant pain relief! I didn’t even realize it was face cream and not hand lotion, and I didn’t care! My hands were 50% better in the first 24 hours! In 4 days, the skin on both my hands and face have improved exponentially! Thank you so very much for this excellent product. I am a loyal customer now. If I had any improvements that I would mention, I would simply mention the packaging. For the $34, I will have to use sparingly as it is slightly above my price range. So, I am going to have to figure out how to wedge it open and get every dropout. I love the smell and the texture, although it is drier than any product I have ever used on my face before, which makes it not quite as easy to apply. But once it is on, it is dewy and moist. Please let me know how to order it in the future. Thanks again”

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