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BioTEI Inc. is a Canadian science-driven Agricultural and Food Technology company based in Winnipeg, Manitoba. BioTEI Inc. enhances economic values of high impact but neglected plants through scientific research and innovative value chain technologies. It employs Functional Food, Nutraceutical and Therapeutic innovative technologies. 


BioTEI’s mission is technology and product development powered by Canadian research. It develops science-driven high value health food, skincare and nutraceutical products in Canada from useful but neglected plant species.


BioTEI Inc. envisions to develop high value drugs from bioactive compounds isolated from medicinal plants. The company’s vision is to be a successful and globally recognized science-driven innovation company. 


To effectively deliver its mission and achieve its objectives, BioTEI Inc. establishes collaborations/partnerships with trusted and recognized institutions within Canada and abroad. It has established alliances with the Manitoban Food Development Centre (FDC), food and cosmetic companies and Canadian and international academic institutions. As an Innovation, Research and Development (R&D) company, its headquarter is at the SmartPark Innovation Hub of the University of Manitoba. This provides unique opportunity to network with the University and other technology and innovation companies.

Current Activities

BioTEI Inc. works on high impact projects to sustainably harness  and develop high-value plant-based natural food, skincare and industrial products from neglected but high value plants through scientific research and innovative value chain technologies.

One such effort is the sustainable utilization of economically high value tree called Moringa focusing on the African Moringa species (Moringa stenopetala, Bak. f.). The African Moringa is among the world’s most useful plants and is native to Eastern Africa, its natural birthplace where the plant grows wild. It is exceptionally rich in vitamins, minerals and various bioactive compounds that have nutritional and therapeutic benefits as well as used in CleanTech industries. Thus, the plant is often nicknamed ‘the miracle tree’. 


Almost all parts of the Moringa plant are useful (the leaves, seeds, pods, flowers, and roots). To fully utilize the nutritional, therapeutic and environmental uses of Moringa, BioTEI Inc., is pursuing high impact research projects that aim to effectively utilize the plant to develop high value products.

Products powered by Canadian Research

Using its Moringa research results, BioTEI has developed premium health food and skin care products here in Canada from Moringa leaves and seeds, which are currently in the local and international markets.

BioTEI Inc. and its partners offer premium prices to local Moringa producers in East Africa that brings positive impact to the livelihoods of the local people in the region and promote the conservation and sustainable utilization of Moringa.

“If there were a top 10 list of plants that are going to help feed the world over the next 100 years, I would say Moringa should be on that list,” Carrie Waterman, University of California, Davis. 

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