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ABout BioTEi 

Moringa Steno is a research-driven product powered by BioTEI Inc., a Canadian science-driven innovative Agricultural and Food Technology Company incorporated in Winnipeg, Manitoba. BioTEI enhances economic values of high impact but neglected plants through scientific research and value chain systems using Functional Food, Nutraceutical and Therapeutic innovative technologies. Its head office is located in the city of Winnipeg, at the SmartPark Innovation Hub of the University of Manitoba. Currently, BioTEI, in collaboration with academia and research institutes in Canada and international partners launch a program to sustainably harness Moringa aka ‘the miracle tree’ to develop high-value nutrient-rich and natural food and nutraceutical products.

The Journey of the Miracle Tree

Due to its nutritional and wide range of benefits, Moringa has nicknamed ‘the miracle tree. The African Moringa is native to Eastern Africa, it’s natural birthplace where the plant grows wild. BioTEI Inc. supports the local Moringa farmers of East Africa, by providing technical and economic support. We work alongside the local farming community to protect and sustainably harness the naturally occurring Moringa tree.


Manitoba home of moringa ‘miracle tree’ innovation


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Benefits of Moringa

Excellent source of Minerals, Potassium, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium, Selenium and Phosphorus

 Rich in Vitamin A, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, Niacin, Riboflavin, Folate Pantothenate and Vitamin K

Powerful Antioxidants Polyphenols, Flavonoid Rutin, B-carotenoids, Lutein and Zeaxanthin

What our customers Say


Moringa steno taste so much better than Moringa oleifera I received my Moringa Steno tea today. Thanks so much! Moringa Stenopetala is definitely.better tasting to me than Moringa oleifera which I have been using for many years. Today I did this: - Drank a refreshing cup of Moringa Steno tea - Powdered the contents of the tea bags and sprinkled the powder on smashed avocados with seaweed and folded the dressing into organic green leaf lettuce. Yummy! - Added the powder to my morning smoothie to pump up the protein. I also compared the taste of my smoothie today with the taste yesterday and the taste today was more pleasing to me. THE ONLY DIFFERENCE: I used Moringa steno powder instead of Moringa oleifera. BACKGROUND As a vegetarian source of protein, I have used Moringa oleifera (Indian species) for many years. But after a visit to Ethiopia in 2019, I discovered Moringa stenopetala (African species) and I have been searching for a supplier ever since. I prefer veggies that need a longer time to mature instead of fast-growing food. Moringa oleifera is a fast growing tree compared to Moringa steno. So, if I lived in a warm climate, I would definitely plant the African species. I also love that Moringa steno leaves are bigger compared to the tiny leaves of Moringa oleifera. So for me, harvesting larger leaves is an easier task than tiny leaves. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you for bringing Moringa steno to Canada!!!!!!! Everyone sells Moringa oleifera and I have been searching for Moringa steno since 2019 UNTIL NOW!!! Stay blessed


"I usually manage to have 1 cup a day. On the days that I drink Moringa tea, I have more stamina. I usually drink it cold because that is how life works out. I find it quite refreshing and the “pick me up” energy is tangible. Although it delivers an overall feeling of energy and wellness, if I drink it before bed, there is no problem falling asleep. I have shared this tea with friends and everyone has shared that they have an overall feeling of calm, when they drink it. A couple of friends have found it especially effective for bringing relief to disrupted sleep patterns.”


“I find the taste of Moringa tea to be very refreshing and it definitely gives me a feeling of ‘wellness’. I appreciate the ethics of the company. Am looking forward to trying the cream”


”I love knowing that everything is 100% chemical-free and tested in Canada. I also respect the sustainable farming approach that supports both Canada and Ethiopia.”

Richard Dorge

Since I drink Moringa Tea, I feel so much better. My mouth was always so dry but since I drink this tea I have so much saliva, I drool. I cannot believe how much it has helped me with my breathing. I love it. I even eat all the leaves - Thank you for introducing me to this herbal tea. I'm 85 years old.  

Meet Our Team.



Dr. Kassa has extensive professional experience in Scientific research and leadership in private, academic and research institutes in Canada, USA and Africa. He served as international scientific expert on Crop Diversity Trust. Dr. Kassa was a founder and program leader of a consortium of private industries and researchers that successfully developed technology that added values to neglected/orphaned food and cash crops in Africa. He developed cost-effective genetic and genomic technologies currently in use by crop breeding and improvement programs in Canada and elsewhere in the world. Dr. Kassa made contributions to the global scientific community through publication of several papers in high impact peer-reviewed journals including a contribution in a paper published in the prestigious scientific journal Nature .


Lead Scientist

Dr. Tefera has extensive research and professional experience in the fields of Food biotechnology and Microbiology. He worked in various academic and research Institutes. He advised many graduate students and had published several scientific papers in high impact peer-reviewed journals. 


Marketing Coordinator 

Christian has a background in digital marketing. He strives to advance knowledge and delivery of strategic digital marketing campaigns. He excels in the challenge of accurate solutions in developing powerful content to enhance client performance and deliver ROI. Lastly, Christian is Bilingual in French and English.

The Vision 

BioTEI Inc. envisions to develop high value drugs from bioactive compounds isolated from medicinal plants. The company’s vision is to be a successful and globally recognized science-driven innovation company. 

Our Mission

BioTEI’s mission is technology and product development powered by Canadian research. It develops science-driven high value health food, skincare and nutraceutical products in Canada from useful but neglected plant species

Moringa Face Cream
Moringa Face Cream
Moringa Face Cream
Moringa Face Cream
Moringa Face Cream
Moringa Face Cream

Moringa Face Cream

Moringa Face moisturizing cream is an innovative natural formulation that deeply nourishes and protects skin, keeps skin firm and hydrated, delivers antioxidants and vitamins, defends against external irritants and bacteria, restores natural skin oils, hydration, and elasticity.  

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